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FW: SOS-Sequoia National Forest CLOSED To All Uses
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From: Chris Horgan-Stewards of the Sequoia
Sent: Tuesday, September 8, 2020 1:21 PM
Subject: SOS-Sequoia National Forest CLOSED To All Uses



Sequoia Trail News

September 2020

Sequoia National Forest Closed to All Uses

Yesterday the Regional Forester temporarily closed Sequoia and seven other National Forests. The public is prohibited from being on National Forest Lands, road, trails, campgrounds and day use areas.

The Forester stated the closure was due to the "threat of unprecedented and dangerous fire conditions with a combination of extreme heat, significant wind events, dry conditions, and firefighting resources that are stretched to the limit."

We urge everyone to stay out of the Sequoia National Forest as ordered to allow the firefighters to concentrate on the fires instead of having to save anyone who becomes trapped or starts another fire.

You can read the Forest Order HERE

It is unprecedented to close so many of our National Forest. It is sad to see millions of acres of our National Forests go up in smoke, along with the wildlife and the watershed. Read on to find out why we are in this mess and a possible path to a solution.


Long Overdue And Welcome Forest Management

It has long been known that many of our National Forests are overgrown putting them at high risk of catastrophic wildfires. It seems like each year the fires get worse. The drought of a few years ago did not help as there was not enough water to support far too many trees per acre. In many areas of the Sequoia National Forest more than 60% of the trees died leaving a tinderbox of epic proportions. Yet little has been done to thin or harvest this huge load of wood for decades due to anti logging campaigns by the Sierra Club, Forest Keepers and other who have filed lawsuits preventing any meaningful management of our overgrown forests.

Fortunately that is about to change as we may start managing our public lands responsibly.

Last month the Shared Stewardship of California’s Forest and Rangelands agreement was signed by California Governor Gavin Neusome and several government agencies including the US Forest Service to thin and harvest one million acres a year to promote forest health. This would reduce the severity of future wildfires and the destruction of our forest and wildlife. The project will target areas that are most overgrown using sound science.

It would have been better if this program could have been started decades ago, but better late than never. Soon we will see if the government follows through and starts much needed active management to promote forest health rather than continuing to incinerate our forest legacy.

You can read more in this article HERE and read the Stewardship agreement HERE


Wrongful Termination Of Stewards Volunteers Continues

Stunningly the Forest Supervisor and now the Regional Forester both back the decision of the Sequoia Kern River District Al Watson to terminate Stewards of the Sequoia volunteer trail maintenance program even though the District Ranger refuses to provide any evidence to back up his allegation that Stewards are disrespectful, unprofessional and do not help to meet the Forest Service Mission.

Stewards of the Sequoia have performed 4000 miles of difficult trail maintenance which surely has been a huge help in meeting the Forest Service Mission while being extremely cooperative with staff. Other than the baseless claims by the District Ranger there have not been any complaints about the Stewards volunteer program.

At this time Stewards are compelled to file a discrimination complaint with the USDA against the District Ranger, Forest Supervisor and Regional Forester for their persecution of our volunteers without any evidence of wrongdoing in our volunteer program.. We continue to be hopeful that higher level staff will see they need to reinstate Stewards volunteers and right the wrongful termination.


Upcoming Fall Trail Appreciation Projects

The BLM continues to welcome Stewards volunteers. We will be resuming projects on BLM trails this fall. Dates to be determined starting in October

You can learn more at




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