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Fw: Slash X Work Party
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CORVA Members,

This weekend, Saturday, Jan. 13th there will be a work party to install new electrical to the Barn so we will have lighting for the events CORVA & Cal 4 Wheel hold at the Slash X,  (They donate the use of their facility to us) 

We will start at 9:00AM.  If available please RSVP to Keith ( so I can figure a count for lunch, bring shovels, pick, axe and gloves. We have a ditch witch and an electrician coming that day.

We are also looking for donations of 3/4" tung and grove plywood 50 sheets. We may not get all we need in one shot to fix the roof on the barn and make it more stable this Saturday, but we can store what we need and plan for a future time when we have all the supplies needed.

We're looking forward to getting the electrical done this Sat, so your help would be so appreciated. Bring your RV, Toyhauler or trailer and dry camp at no cost for volunteering.  

Thank You
Keith Graham

Board Member

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