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GPS Navigation

Re-post of GPS for new users from the Bishop Forum
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I thought I would start this tread to post comments/help with GPS navigation:

Here are my first timer comments about using a GPS, which most comments will be oriented toward Garmins since that is what the majority of riders use.

If you’re new to this GPS thing, make sure that you go to the setup/map menu and make it  show “track up”.  (This makes the direction you are heading always on top/forward.)  When you load any tracks in the newer models you need to go to the setup/tracks manager and tell it to “show the track”, they load automatically from BaseCamp in the “NO show on map”. (If you want to see them you need to turn them on.  FYI, The old Garmin Mapsource computer software was the opposite.)
I usually run mine at a zoom level of 800 ft and move out 1 if going fast and move in 1 if going slow/tight trail.  It is probably also easier if you turn off your maps that are loaded in the device. (enable/disable Topo, etc.) .  You can turn them on if you get lost on the trail or want to see where the nearest road is but it’s a lot easier to follow tracks when the track is the only thing on your screen.

Make sure your unit has the latest Firmware, use the Garmin webupdater software or I think you can do it directly from the BaseCamp software too.  When you come to the event have all your tracks deleted or archived if your unit won't hold another 20-25 tracks.

You should also probably make sure that you have the Track Manager listed on your front menu so you have easy access to it on the trail.  If you don't know how to do that look in your manual it's pretty easy.

If you see someone broke down &/or other problems to report out on the trail:  While you are at the spot of the "problem", hold down your "Mark" button and save the waypoint.  Touch screen models you touch the triangle (you/your location) and then touch the "bubble" that comes up with your coordinates.  At the next screen save it as a waypoint by touching the flag/X button.

Ride with the wind and keep the rubber side down, the Webmaster.
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