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Garmin Montana 610 GPS on sale!
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For anyone interested in getting a great motorbike GPS for the trails, the Garmin Montana is great. It has a much bigger screen than most (easier to see where you're going by just glancing at it), the touch screen works with gloves, and it's easy to see in the full sunlight. It's generally accurate to within a few feet, especially in the desert where there's nothing to block its view of the satellites. The current version is a dual GPS/GLOSNASS system (GLOSNASS is the Russian equivalent of GPS).

The Montana 610 is on sale now at GPS City for a great price - $350 (it was $330 yesterday). At REI it's $500 (list price) and at Amazon it's $450. Here's the link to the GPS City Montana page:

You'll need some accessories to mount to your bike, and a street map. You can get everything you need in this bundle:

But the price is ridiculous! If you buy the pieces separately, the total is $491, not $570.

For the trails, you may also want to get their topo maps for $80:

The maps that come with City Navigator have most of the fire roads and other dirt roads, but Topo has more (but not everything). Plus it includes the topo maps, of course. If anyone would like to know the differences between these two map sets, just ask (it's not quite as simple as you would hope.) You can load both on your GPS and switch between them.

I've used the Montana 600 for a couple of years but doesn't seem to be available any more. The 610 has some features I don't recognize, so I guess they've added stuff, like GLOSNASS.

If you're looking for a GPS for your bike, this is a good one to have. I just happened to be looking at this GPS yesterday and noticed the great price.

- Steve

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