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2020 Bishop Dual Sport Oct 9-11th
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California Trail Map
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Steve, Noah,

-I just noticed this--I've been a member for a few months. I got these back in November, and they are good! I used it first in Anza Borrego--the author lives there--and I've been pretty happy with them elsewhere. I bought the whole package and use it with Locus Maps on my Android phone, and with Basecamp and my Garmin 76C. Even the local hiking trails in the Conejo Valley are spot on, so I'm hopeful this will be true elsewhere, too.


I'm also interested in this. $35 seems like a deal if these maps are any good. Anyone tried 'em?

If anyone recommends a single comprehensive GPS trails map, I'd really like to hear it. 
Has anyone used "California Trail Map" as a smartphone app or a map on a Garmin GPS? If so, are the trails as comprehensive as they claim? And do they cover the Bishop - Mammoth area?

- Steve
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