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2020 Bishop Dual Sport Oct 9-11th
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Arizona DS near Tempe, Prescott, Flagstaff
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So the first place I think we're going to ride is along the Arizona Peace trail, .

The first place to access this is off I-10 in Quartzsite, and you see it goes both and south from town:

Right now, I'm looking at a short ride on Saturday, and a longer day on Sunday with Henry, my 15-year old (who's rapidly becoming a good rider). From Quartzsite, the good stuff that's fairly close appears to be toward the south, as you head toward the Cibola Wildlife refuge. 

Anybody got any tips for this area?  (The northern end of this route is in Bullhead, and probably contains some the trails on Any Casper's proposed April ride--we may do some of this on the following weekend, when we're coming back from Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon).


I'm taking a Spring Break trip with my high-school sophomore to visit a few colleges--ASU, Emry-Riddle in Prescott, and NAU. We're going to take the DRZ and the KTM on the trailer and take rides along the way. 

AZ looks like one giant playground, judging from the number of riding areas I've found so far. I'm sure we'll have a good time, but if any of you have a personal favorite, I'd like to look into it. Wickenburg keeps coming up in searches on ADV and other places.


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