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Trail work :

Phil Pulley
Passing this information along from Beth:

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I have been watching the news carefully and I don't think that we will have an issue with another government shutdown this week. We will go ahead and plan on having our chainsaw certification on the Ojai Ranger District of the Los Padres National Forest, like we did last year. There are many people wanting to certify so Curt Newman (our certifier) and I decided to open another weekend of certification opportunity March 2nd and 3rd. If you are renewing your certification, you only need to attend on Sunday. If you are a first timer, or certified last prior to 2016 saw policy change (OHBEC does not sound familiar) you need to attend the classroom portion of the certification also on Saturday. Everyone needs to be current in First Aid and CPR and that certification has to have had a hands on component (not just a online deal). I think that it is likely that we will add additional cert classes after these as well, although we have not set the dates. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. 

Our classroom site is located at 1190 E. Ojai Avenue in Ojai. It is the Ojai Ranger Station. The field evaluations on Sundays will be located on the Mt. Pinos/Ojai Ranger District boundary area of highway 33. We will park in the large dirt turnout on the hwy across from road 6N06 (Pine Mountain). We will begin Saturday and Sunday training at 9:00am and depending on the class size, I would expect it to go to about 4pm. Bring the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on both days. We will have extra safety glasses, hearing protection and hardhats if you do not have your own. We have some extra chaps and saws as well. Please refer to the left side column below for PPE.

Chain Saw Operations
Crosscut Saw Operations
Hard Hat
Hard hat or cutting helmet meeting ANSI Z89.1
Same as chain saw
Safety Glasses
ANSI Z87.1 (clear safety glasses, at a minimum) or equivalent (mesh “bug-eye” type or mesh face shield type) (OSHA 1910.266(d) (1) (vii) (B) Note)
Same as chain saw
Hearing Protection
Hearing protection required for gasoline powered chain saw use
None required
Gloves or chain saw mitts are required for all chain saw operations. Leather required for sharpening. Alternative style of gloves may be used for inclement weather conditions, based on JHA.
Same as chain saw
Shirt, Pants[1]
Long sleeved shirt and long pants
Long sleeved shirt and long pants.
Leg Protection
Chaps or cut-resistant pants for chain saw use shall meet the requirements of Forest Service 6170-4 or ASTM F-1897 (current version). Chaps shall overlap boots at least 2”.
None required
Cut-resistant or leather, laced 8 inch (204mm) high boots that provide ankle support and nonskid soles (hard toes are optional). OPTIONAL-Use JHA to determine proper footwear for the environment and/or related tasks.
Cut- resistant or leather, laced boots that provide ankle support and nonskid soles (hard toes are optional). Use JHA to determine proper footwear for the environment and/or related tasks..
Specialized PPE
Wear additional PPE as identified by local conditions, safety data sheets (SDS), or JHA/RA
Same as chain saw

Please reconfirm the date/s that you will be attending.
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