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Let VCMC help you $donate$ to the OHV cause:


Welcome to the VCMC "Donations" Page

This is where we allow you to make donations to the OHV cause through us for whatever purpose you wish &/or in general.

You can use us and our website payment system (credit card, PayPal, etc.) to donate to such causes as:

1. Local Los Padres National Forest Trail maintenance.
(We will use the $ to support workers with food, drinks, tools, etc.)
2.  Local Angeles National Forest Trail maintenance.
(We will use the $ to support workers with food, drinks, tools, etc.)
3.  Bishop area trail maintenance (NFS & BLM)
4.  Bishop local area charities.
5.  Political education of our cause, OHV.
6. Help local riders compete at the National &/or International level.

If you would like to donate click here:
(Please comment on how you would like the $ used.)
Ventura County Motorcycle Club Donation

VCMC Mission Statement
The purpose of the VCMC is to unite members in an effort directed towards preserving the rights and privileges of off-roading motorcycle enthusiasts, and to conduct and participate in the sport of family-oriented events.  It is to initiate, sponsor, promote, and carry out plans, policies, and activities that will tend to further the welfare, safety, education, and interests of motorcyclists and to engage in all lawful activities and operations normally engaged in by an organization to further and protect the interests of its members.

The VCMC has generated donations to the following organizations as of 2018
Riders helping Riders Donations of over $10,000 to date
CORVA donations of over $3,500 to date
Stewarts of the Sequoia donations


The VCMC is a 

U.S. Exempt Organization under IRC 501(c)(5).
Full disclosure of all documents available upon request.